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Life Assurance

Life Insurance: Protect yourself and your family

LMJ Financial Management can offer you the very best Life Insurance quotes on the market today. Our prices are live and updated directly from the Insurance Providers so you are guaranteed the cheapest Life Insurance prices, and from a Chartered Financial Planner.

What is Life Insurance?

Life Assurance is a way of protecting your spouse and your family against financial concerns they may have upon your death. Life Insurance is great for your peace of mind. Your family will be protected; your mortgage will be covered and your bills will be paid. Life Insurance assures that expensive bills and debts will not be left behind.

There are different types of Life Insurance policies that vary in the way they invest the premiums paid in.  However, whichever type of Life Insurance you pay into they all cover the insured person's life.

What sort of policy should I take out?

Do you need a single life or joint life insurance policy? What type of life insurance do you need? Whole of Life? Decreasing Term Assurance? Mortgage Protection? Do you need to cover yourself in case of a critical illness?

The decision on Life Insurance is a difficult one which should be carefully considered. The experts at LMJ Financial Management will outline exactly which life policy suits you. Speak to an expert today:

How much Life Insurance cover do I need?

A major consideration regarding Life Insurance is the amount of cover you need. This is a difficult question, but the answer can be broken down into the following categories:

  • How much debt do you have?
  • Obviously you will need to ensure your family are not left with any debt you leave behind, this also includes the mortgage you have outstanding.
  • How much do you earn?
  • You will need to consider the salary you have now and what salary you might enjoy in the future, especially if your employment is the main source of income in the home.
  • Future Obligations
  • You should consider situations in the future that will cost you substantial money. Home renovations, your children's weddings or university fees.
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